Clarity Course™ Live!


ATTN: If you are — or feel called to be — an entrepreneur, coach, healer, author, artist, or change agent, this is for you:


Finally! A step-by-step program to figure out exactly what the heck you’re supposed to be doing, so you can feel confident and excited moving forward


  • Find the clarity about your calling you’ve been longing for — revealed by 2 unexpected sources within you
  • Uncover your personal Step-by-step Plan to get out there with your calling — so easily, it’s like magic!
  • Permanently remove your biggest block to successin as little as 5-7 minutes

3 Secrets to Discover Your True Calling – and Your Step-by-Step Plan to Start Making Your Unique Contribution to the World Now

IMAGINE you are out in the world, confidently doing the work that you are uniquely designed to do. Imagine sharing your gifts and wisdom with people who are hungry for them, and getting to see every day how you are making a real contribution. Imagine feeling so fulfilled, energized, and inspired as you change lives (including your own) in a big way! Imagine too that you’re well compensated for doing what you love, so you can help your family as well as travel, teach and create.

If you’re like many of the people I work with, that is the life you want, and these are some of the things you’re dealing with:

  • You know you are not fulfilling your true potential. You’re meant for SOOO much more! You’ve spent your life not stepping into your true shining self, and it’s painful.
  • You know you are supposed to help people, but you’re not sure how. With all your experience and skills, you’re unable to settle on one thing to share. You want to find your unique direction and voice.
  • You’re tired of procrastinating and sabotaging your efforts, your self-worth, and your confidence. You want to stop being afraid, and just DO it!


A life of fulfillment, contribution, love, and freedom really is possible for you! I should know, because just a few years ago I was right where you are, and now I’m living it. And if you let me, I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to make it start happening for you too.

Hi there, my name is Dr. Pamela Moss, your Soul Guide. I’m an international mentor and speaker, transformational artist, Soul Purpose Activator, and Deep Healing and Awakening Alchemist. My work is featured in the #1 Mysticism bestseller, “The Vision Board: Secret to an Extraordinary Life” and 2 college textbooks, dozens of international telesummits, and sharing the stage with world-renowned experts like Lisa Sasevich and John Assaraf of The Secret.

I feel so blessed to work with amazing clients around the globe, doing the transformational work I was born to do. But it wasn’t always this way!

Ironically enough, although I’m known as The Soul Guide now, for most of my adult life I really struggled with finding inner clarity. Even into my 40s, I still had NO idea what I wanted to do when I “grew up”, and put off choosing a career by staying in school to earn a PhD and then homeschooling my kids. Deep in my heart I yearned to make a big difference in the world, but I secretly doubted I had marketable skills or anything of real value to offer…

Everything changed for me when I found out how to reliably tap into my inner guidance. Finally, in my mid 40s, I began my journey into my true calling, and the path to fulfilling my purpose ‘magically’ unfolded before me…

That’s why I’ve created an online training and coaching program to help you find the path to YOUR purpose. It walks you through the 3 Secrets to Discover Your True Calling and is guaranteed to help you start making your unique contribution to the world now:

The Clarity Course
Get clear about your calling and start living it


  • Let me take you out of your ideas and concepts and into a much truer clarity and knowing.
  • You’ll connect with your higher self and its guidance… forever.
  • Let your subconscious reveal what you really want –– and activate your ability to attract it.
  • Turn your new clarity into a carefully-crafted goal for success.
  • Create your DO-able, step-by-step Action Plan for success — it’s so easy with this strange trick!
  • PLUS

  • Discover EXACTLY how you have been sabotaging yourself.
  • Remove your biggest block to success — in as little as 5-7 minutes!
  • Feel new purpose, fulfillment and JOY as you start making your contribution at last!

“I got clarity about my life’s purpose and made huge changes in my life, some I’d struggled with for DECADES

“I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I chose career paths that went in various directions. Now I can see the bigger picture and understand why: those careers all prepared me for my true purpose in life. That purpose was locked inside of me so tight, I had no clue what it was, nor even that I had a purpose on this earth. Pamela unlocked that door and now I realize why I’d been stuck and frozen in fear: it is a HUGE mission! She showed me how to bring that true purpose to the light.

As I was going through the vision board process I thought it was pretty dumb. But Wow… the technique Pamela used was very powerful and like nothing I’d ever seen — the Vision Board was actually created deep within my subconscious mind. I was flabbergasted at what I created!

Amazingly, these new ways of communicating with my subconscious and super-conscious mind WORKED! They removed the fear and emotions that were locking me up and gave me clarity about my life’s purpose. This freed the gifts inside of me. Pamela’s guidance and insight were amazing!”.

– Dawn B. Dwyer, Artist and Author, pet portraits | wildlife | animal-human relations


“The best experience of self-motivation ever! Enormous focus and clarity.”

“I heartily endorse Pamela’s Clarity Course. It helped me see that the answers I was seeking are within me already; guided me to create a relevant vision board; and helped me translate the vision board into personal and business goals — with immediate, actionable steps.
I found the clarity I was seeking. And I accomplished every action step I set for this month! It is extremely energizing to see the progress I’ve already made toward my goals.
This is the best experience of self-motivation I ever felt! The enormous power of focus and clarity is an energizing force driving me each day since. Thank you, Pamela, I have greatly benefited from your guidance.”

– Mark Kapsky, Entrepreneur and Business Owner


“I used to be disappointed I never got the things on my vision boards — but Pamela’s process brought about powerful changes in my life!”

“Just like everyone else I used to pull out pictures and images of magazines of things that I wanted and stick them down, only to be disappointed when I never got those “things”.

But then I met Dr. Pamela Moss, the Soul Guide.  Through her process of connecting with your inner-self and spirit {deep Visioning}, I brought about powerful changes in my life.

[1 year later] I’m very sad to not be able to be there with you this time.  But, it is for a very good reason. I’ll return with my certification and be on my way to my new-found career! Such joy!”

-Naomi Trevalyen,soon-to-be certified Health Coach specializing in Cleansing/Detoxing


Here’s the journey we’re going to take together:


Module #1
VISION: Get surprising CLARITY from your deep guidance
Discover what is Calling you forth!

In this module you’ll finally understand why you can’t figure out your calling – it’s doesn’t come from your conscious mind! Let me take you out of your head and into a much truer knowing. You’ll be lifted far beyond your normal vision, and be surprised – even moved — by the deep clarity you receive.

RESULTS – You’ll uncover:

  • What lights you up (your personal source of power, freedom & joy)
  • Your unlimited, love-filled True Self
  • What YOU are designed to do, and who you are here to serve
  • The highest vision that is calling you forth now!
  • The essence of what you desire

Module #2
MOTIVATION: Tap your truest inspiration to POWER you forward
Release your inner dynamo!

In this module we tap into the extraordinary processing power of your Subconscious mind to find images that reveal the essence of what you want — and activate your natural ability to ‘attract’ it. You’ll also learn why most vision boards DON’T work, and create one that WILL change your life – all in under 1 hour!
RESULTS – Your subconscious mind will reveal:

  • Resonant images that effortlessly guide you toward your calling
  • A vision board you’ll LOVE, and be “flabbergasted” that you created
  • Visual reminders that activate your natural ability to attract what you desire
  • New opportunities and synchronicities that affirm your calling!

Module #3
FOCUS: Plan for the RESULTS you desire
Uncover your step-by-step, do-able path to success!

In this module you will learn why plans you made in the past failed or were forgotten, and precisely how to avoid that fate this time. And you will stop floundering, procrastinating and losing money because you’ll finally create a DO-ABLE, step-by-step Action Plan to fulfill your goal! It’s remarkably fast and easy to create – with this counter-intuitive trick.
RESULTS – You will naturally:

  • Start stepping into your Vision, with a carefully-crafted goal that truly inspires you
  • Learn why most goals and plans are doomed to fail — and why you WILL succeed with these
  • Create your own do-able, step-by-step Action Plan to fulfill your goal – so easily, it seems like magic!

This is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve struggled to figure out what your passion is and how to bring it to life
  • You want to find YOUR unique direction and voice
  • You have a sense of the work you’re meant to do… but you’re not doing it
  • You secretly feel unfulfilled, worried, out of balance, stuck, depressed, even hopeless
  • You suspect you’re holding yourself back somehow…
  • You’re ready to step into the NEXT LEVEL of your calling and your life!

Here’s how this online group training and coaching program works:

  • Weekly Training Webinar you can watch at your convenience
  • Weekly live “Soul Guidance Session” directly with me, to get all your questions answered and all the support you need
  • Action guides for each module, so you know exactly what to do
  • Recordings of live calls and archives so you won’t miss a thing
  • Lifetime access to all recordings!

The #1 Secret Reason people don’t succeed is that they subconsciously stop themselves before they’ve even begun. We’ve all done it: you get a great idea or a new opportunity and you’re so excited, but then almost immediately you start thinking, “Nah, it won’t work, I can’t do it, I don’t deserve it…” Before you know it, your new possibility is forgotten — killed off by your subconscious fears and self-doubt.

That’s why I’m giving you 2 powerful BONUS modules!

Bonus Module #1
The Fear and Doubt Clinic.
In this special live Bonus session, we’ll dig down to uncover YOUR subconscious blocks that prevent you from following your Action Plan and fulfilling your calling. You will finally SEE exactly what has stopped you so often in life!

Bonus Module #2
Accelerated Change Alignment Session.
In this transformational live Bonus class, we will permanently REMOVE your biggest subconscious block to success — in as little as 5-7 minutes! You’ll immediately feel a powerful shift, but more important, you’ll find it easy to move forward now. And it will stay that way: when you replace dysfunctional programming on a subconscious level, it’s permanent, just like editing and saving a word processing document.

What many people don’t realize is that a vision board created by your Superconscious higher guidance + powerful Subconscious images (as yours will be!) = a treasure map for your growth. I don’t want you to miss out on this hidden wisdom, so I’m also giving you 1 more wonderful BONUS module:

Bonus Module #3
Seeing the Deeper Meanings in Your Vision Board.”
In this fascinating live “Vision Board Reading” Bonus session, we’ll look at YOUR vision board and pull out the deeper meanings and ongoing soul guidance hidden in it. People LOVE this mind-blowing and inspiring class!

This deeply transformational, 6-week course is packed with powerful tools for clarity, focus, and results.

However it’s just 6 weeks, and I don’t want to mislead you into thinking you’ll be fully following your calling, or making a living at it, in a mere 6 weeks. That’s just not realistic. I really want you to succeed in a BIG way, over the long term, so I’m going to give you 2 MORE Bonuses to support you long after The Clarity Course is over!:

BONUS Support
Change Makers Social Networking Group.
You’ll access this amazing online community of change agents, healers, activists, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs when you take The Clarity Course, and you’ll have a lifetime membership so you can always get valuable feedback and connect! ($297 Value)



How to Financially Thrive with YOUR Calling
1:1 Personal Consultation
Directly with me, Dr. Pamela Moss Your Soul Guide! We’ll take a deep look at YOUR unfolding calling as well as your gifts and challenges, and discover amazing opportunities and possibilities for THRIVING FINANCIALLY with your unique work — beyond anything you can imagine now. ($950 value)

My time for these very special no-charge consultations is obviously quite limited, so this SUPER BONUS is just for the first 17 people to register for The Clarity Course.

And everyone who registers for The Clarity Course gets instant access to 1 MORE bonus, our:

Your Body Knows Your Truth” Self Muscle-Testing Tool.
This video shows you how to tap into your body’s deep knowing for clear ‘yes/no’ answers to questions — which you can use to make decisions or start uncovering the subconscious beliefs that are blocking your success and happiness! ($47 value)

“When does The Clarity Course start?”
October 19th 2015.
And I’m delighted to announce that registration is now OPEN!

Remember, the first 17 people to register will receive the SUPER Bonus of a 1:1 Consultation with me — “How to Financially Thrive with Your Calling.”
Everyone gets instant access to the Fast Start Bonus.
The Clarity Course runs for 6 weeks, October 19th – December 4 (end of that week) with US Thanksgiving week off.

Registering after the start date? No worries, you can do the course on your schedule. All calls will be recorded, and you get lifetime access!
You may be wondering, “This all sounds great, but how can I be sure it will work for ME?”

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee
Well, are you OPEN to receiving intuitive guidance — even if you don’t know how? If you do NOT feel ready and willing to listen to your own inner guidance, you WON’T get much out of this course.

If you ARE open, I am confident you will LOVE IT— in fact I am SO confident in the quality of this course that I guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back! (To get a full refund, you just need to show that you did the work — no reason, no hassle, no questions asked — up to 1 year after you registered!! FAIR ENOUGH??)


So are you ready to reserve your space?
~ No-Risk Reservation Form ~

“Yes, Pamela! I’m ready to get clear about my calling and start living it with The Clarity Course!”

I know I will receive:

  • Module #1 VISION – surprising CLARITY from my deep guidance
  • Module #2 MOTIVATION – my true inspiration to POWER me forward
  • Module #3 FOCUS – my personal Action Plan for the RESULTS I desire
  • Weekly Training Webinars for Modules 1-3 – watch at my convenience
  • Weekly LIVE Trainings for BONUS Modules 1-3
  • Weekly live group “Soul Guidance Session” directly with Pamela — coaching, Q&A, all the support I need
  • Action guides for each module, so I know exactly what to do
  • Recordings of live calls and archives so I won’t miss a thing
  • Lifetime access to all recordings!
  • BONUS Module 1 ($250 value) Fear and Doubt Clinic to uncover my subconscious blocks to success
  • BONUS Module 2 ($250 value) Accelerated Change Alignment Session to REMOVE my biggest block!
  • BONUS Module 3($150 value) The Deeper Meanings in My Vision Board
  • Support BONUS ($297 value) Lifetime Membership in Change Makers Social Networking Group — valuable feedback & contacts
  • SUPER Support BONUS ($950 value) “How to THRIVE Financially with My Unique Calling” — 1:1 Personal Consultation with Dr. Pamela Moss Only for first 17 to register!
  • Fast Start BONUS ($47 value) Instant Access to “My Body Knows My Truth” Self Muscle-Testing Tool – I can start uncovering my subconscious blocks right away!


Plus I know I’m protected by Pamela’s “Your Peace of Mind Guarantee”
You will use this powerful Clarity Course training to get clear on your calling and start doing it.

Plus receive almost $2000 in valuable bonuses!

Total Value = $1994

Your Investment = $497 or 2 pay $267



Remember, there is a COST to Inaction. 
The downside to NOT getting clarity about your true calling and NOT having a step-by-step plan – and NOT removing your biggest inner blocks to success — is months or years of wasted time, missed income, missed opportunities, and painful, soul-killing frustration. It just sucks!
Imagine how great you’ll feel when you have that deep clarity and you’re in action at last, fulfilling your inspired goal – so people are signing up for what you’re offering, you’re earning more money, you’re getting out there, and you feel much more confident about your unique direction and voice.
Let me help you step into your true calling now, feeling clear, focused and confident — and have the time of your life doing it!


“I invite YOU to listen to your heart and take committed action to start making the difference you are HERE to make.”

I am on a mission to “Light up the Lights, Serve the Servants, and Heal the Healers”: to support people like YOU who know deep inside that you are here to make a unique contribution to the world.

Maybe you, like me 11 years ago, have no idea what your contribution might be; all you know is your heart is telling you you’re meant for SO much more. Or maybe you’re like me 8 years ago, working away at your calling but not making enough money, exhausted, sad and wondering: “if this is what I’m meant to do, why is it SO HARD?!”

Take heart! The Clarity Course is here to help you listen to your inner guidance and remove your inner blocks, so you can become the divine change agent you were born to be.

I hope you’ll give yourself this powerful resource to step into your calling (or the next level of it). Taking this step now will bring you so much closer to finding your unique direction and voice, and actually doing the wonderful work you’re meant to do.

I invite you to say, “Yes!” now from a place of love — love for yourself and your infinite potential, love for the people who are waiting for you, and love for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Love and blessings,

Dr. Pamela Moss, Your Soul Guide
593 Pollard Hill Road
Johnson City NY 13790


P.S. I’ll leave you with a final thought: If you don’t have clarity, join us. It’s within The Clarity Course that your clear path forward evolves.


Register now!  I’ll see you on the inside!


“What people are saying about The Clarity Course”


“A truly amazing experience!”

“I’ve never been more motivated in my life to achieve my vision for my life. It was a truly amazing experience! I strongly, strongly recommend this. Sometimes we must take the time to truly see what we want to achieve in our lives and our businesses.”

– Tracy Higginbotham, President of Women TIES


“One of the most precious gifts of my adult life”

“When I signed up for this course, I was supporting my Autistic son while also trying to support my military spouse and caring for all the demands of our family in his absence. I put everyone’s needs above my own!

I lost touch with everything that was important to me. I felt I was failing not only my spouse, but also myself, and depression hovered.

The grace and serenity in Pamela’s voice captivated me from the first call. I immediately recognized a joyful, effervescent and playful spirit in each word she spoke. As I continued, I felt so encouraged to relax into this experience. Pamela has a gift for inspiring the best within you! Her guidance through the amazing process and exercises of The Clarity Course™ allowed me to get out of my own way.

I will be forever grateful — it is through this experience that I truly have discovered CLARITY and reclaimed myself. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this course. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Emily W., Mother Inspired by the Gift of Autism, Joyfully Creating a Vibrant Life


“Just 20 months later, almost everything I envisioned has happened!”

“When I took this class, I was just starting a new business. I hoped to have a successful business, a more environmentally-friendly vehicle, better quality time with my family, and for my wife and I to have a baby (we’d been trying for a while).

Now, just 20 months later – almost everything I envisioned (and documented in the vision board) has happened! My wife is 6 months pregnant! My business is steadily growing – and I’m helping more people. And I’m able to take time off to be with my family and community.

I think the daily visual reminder of my goals helped me achieve them. If I hadn’t taken this class, I’d still be trying to figure out not just the direction to go in – but what it would look like if I got there. We spend a very small amount of our time planning what we’d like life to be like. This class is an opportunity to pause and vision the future of your hopes and dreams.

And now that I’ve achieved mine, I want to do it again. Thank you so much!”

– David Makar, Consultant and Trainer, Referral Institute Ithaca


“Continues to profoundly impact my daily life!”

“This course helped me stop self-destructive habits, improved my decision-making and allowed me to trust the power that is within me. With this new-found trust, I’ve had more confidence in advertising my business and speaking to clients about the benefit of the work I do, and as a result, my finances are improving. I have developed a sense of inner knowing and confidence that is carrying me through any fears that might come up and given me power and energy.

These simple and powerful ways to release unconscious blocks REALLY WORK! Pamela, I just want to thank you again from the deepest space in my heart… your work is continuing to have a profoundly positive impact on my moment-to-moment life. A lot is getting done, foundations are being laid, and the internal YES for life (which I have been missing for so long) is re-awakening and solidifying!

You have given me the greatest gift, the teacher inside me, and I will carry it with me always”

– Ethan Sisser, Certified SomaVeda Thai Yoga Therapist and Instructor


“My stress has disappeared! I’m AMAZED!”

“I had all kinds of energy for hours after our group Accelerated Change Alignment Session, even though I was tired before the call.

Now I think about what I need to do without feeling stressed – which is HUGE! I’m confident I can do it well. I feel more peaceful and calmer, happy and buoyant inside. My stress has disappeared. I’m AMAZED!”

– Lisa Fernandez, Jazz Musician, Compost Theater Actress, & Lover of Life


“A tremendous catalyst for growth and change in my life”

“I took The Clarity Course last fall and it was a tremendous catalyst for growth and change in my life. This was an ideal experience in many waysand was instrumental in my signing up for other online programs this year.

What gave The Clarity Course an edge over other programs I’ve tried since was the personal touch it offered. The fact that so many of us had an opportunity to interact with Pamela personally really set this program above those I’ve encountered since. It also provided something tangible (a vision board — which still graces my sacred space) and provided practical skills, too.”

– Deborah Long, aka Debbie Scribble, Writer/Director/Performer


“Reconnected me to a deep part of myself I’d lost”

“I chose The Clarity Course to resolve something that had troubled me for some years. I got that, and much more.

Pamela’s unique insights into often-used techniques reconnected me to a deep part of myself I had lost sight of. The process released energy and creativity that are benefiting not just myself, but also my loved ones and clients. I couldn’t stop talking about this course! It made a profound difference for me and I highly recommend it, for deep and lasting change.”

– Marilynn Haun, M.Ed.


“My current career is one I’m excited to go to every day; I couldn’t be where I am without Pamela’s guidance and assistance!”

“During a period of transition (physically and job-wise), I connected with Pamela to assist me with my future job search and career. I wanted more, desired more, but felt stifled in some ways.

I decided to do a visioning board exercise with Pamela to find clarity. She helped me define whatmy values and bargaining chips were,  get clear about what I really wanted, and make a visual reminder of all that. In the process I also connected with wise inner guidance and greatly increased my confidence.

I took these tools with me as I moved from NY to TX and looked for jobs that would match my values. It took me 6 weeks until I found the perfect one. I would not have been as confident and clear about my future goals and job needs if it wasn’t for Pamela’s exercise. I wholeheartedly recommend Pamela. My current career is one that I’m excited to go to every day;  I’m now Associate Director of Employer Relations at TCU, and I couldn’t be where I am without Pamela’s guidance and assistance!”

– Bethany Kilgore, M.Ed. MBA Talent Advisor for Employer Partners at Texas Christian University


Q: What’s a “vision board”??
A: A visual reminder of what you want to bring into your life or business, and (done right…) a TOOL for making that happen. Unfortunately the most people DON’T KNOW how to do it right — see Naomi’s comment, above. (For starters, what we think we want is NOT what we really want…) In The Clarity Course you’ll learn what you truly want, and exactly how to make a vision board that WILL help you have it.
Q: What if I don’t know what I want?
A: Perfect! The Clarity Course is designed to help you discover what you want on a deep level, through a number of powerful visioning exercises and making a resonant vision board.

Q: What if I know what I want, but I don’t know how to get there?
A: You also get 3 powerful tools to guide your way forward:

  1. You’ll create a Vision-Powered Plan to fulfill your goals and dreams with almost magical ease, complete with next steps and milestones;
  2. You’ll finally get out of your own way in our Fear and Doubt Clinic and especially our transformational Accelerated Change Session; AND
  3. You’ll have the opportunity to apply to receive a private Momentum Session directly with Pamela at no charge – a SUPER Bonus for investing in The Clarity Course!

Q: How can I be sure this will work for ME?
A: Are you are OPEN to receiving intuitive guidance, even if you don’t know how? If you DON’T feel ready to listen to your own intuition or inner guidance, you will NOT get much out of this course. If you ARE open, I am confident you will — in fact I am SO confident you’ll LOVE it that I guarantee your 100% satisfaction or your money back! (To get a full refund, you just need to show that you did the work — no reason, no hassle, no questions asked, up to a year after purchase! FAIR ENOUGH??)

Register now!  I’ll see you on the inside!


Apply for the opportunity to receive a “Grow Your Dreams Discovery Session” with Pamela here


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