Possibility Portraits

Thank you for presencing the miracle of our lives! sasevich-portrait
Your process helped us reflect on what’s possible for our family and our relationship, and create our future together from that place — using visual images from our experiences and the pictures in our minds.

It was such a wonderful conversation that we’re going to listen to the recording every year on our anniversary.

lisa-sasevichAnd we love our family’s Possibility Portrait — it hangs over our fireplace and looks great!! Possibility disappears so quickly… it’s invaluable to have this lasting visual reminder of what we’re creating and who we are at heart.

— Lisa Sasevich, San Diego CA


The portrait is the first possession I would try to rescue if my house was burning down. It’s the only thing I own that I see as truly irreplaceable.

dave1.jpgMy portrait’s on my bedroom wall, so I see it every morning and night. I feel like I’m remembering myself every time I look at. Whatever I might be thinking about or worrying over at the time, catching sight of the portrait brings me back to what I really value about myself and my life. It gives me a moment of rest and clarity and centeredness.

Also, I always feel the love and compassion and deepdave-meditating.jpg attention that went into its creation.

— Dave Hall, Minneapolis MN


I felt so seen and understood by you during the process of making the portrait.

robin.jpg It sometimes strikes me, when I am feeling stressed out, how calm and centered the image is and it allows me to step outside of myself for a minute


and achieve some perspective, to see that the worry I am generating is not the true essence of who I am.

That is quite a gift.

— Robin Weigert, Hollywood CA



“Thanks again for such a lovely painting – it will be an inspiration for us for the rest of our lives!”

–Coowe and Russ Walker, Homer AK



“Pam’s process helped us visualize who we are for each other at our best. Her painting joyfully reminds us of this with each gaze.”

— Sara and Michael Culotta, Ithaca NY

To commission a portrait, or apply for the opportunity to have a complimentary “Possibility Portrait Discovery Session,” please click here.

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