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Gift #1. “How to Tap Into Your Trusted Guidance” Ebook

My “How to Tap Into Your Trusted Guidance” e-book guides you step-by-step through a powerful “Written Dialogue” technique that allows you to communicate directly with your own inner wisdom.

It not only can provide clear answers to whatever troubles you, it also can give you wise guidance beyond anything you know to ask for — and help you see the big vision for your life and business.

Above all, regularly using this technique will make you feel profoundly supported, with an inner confidence, peace and spiritual depth that nothing can destroy.

Includes FAQ with detailed examples, tips for connecting, how to tell if what you’re getting is ‘real’, and a helpful list of tried-and-true questions to ask.

This is a life-changing tool you’ll turn to again and again!

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“I’m feeling empowered and excited about the deeper connection!”

Shera Delia, New York

I just finished How to Tap Into Your Trusted Guidance, and immediately began using the tools and techniques in it before I even finished reading.  Pamela’s approach is simple and her words give gentle encouragement, along with step-by-step instructions. I’m not new to tapping into my guidance for answers, but my efforts have been pretty scattered. I’m feeling empowered by Pamela’s approach and the very helpful “tried-and-true questions to ask” section of this ebook.

And I’m looking forward to the deeper connection with my guidance that I’ll get by using this on a regular basis!  Can’t wait to share this beautiful ebook with a few special people who I know will love it!  Thank you Pamela!

“The answers flowed with amazing ease from deep within!”

Hanna Kuikka, Brussels

I want to tell you how amazing it feels!  I was really able to go into the questions, thanks to their clarity and your examples, and the answers flowed with amazing ease from deep within me. Definitely one of those “in the zone” moments!”


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Gift #2. “Why Vision Boards DON’T Work — and How To Make One that WILL Change Your Life”

Leading vision board workshops for many hundreds of people and organizations, I discovered the 7 secrets that make all the difference between a vision board that “doesn’t work”, and one that helps you manifest all you desire. People who are successful with vision boards intuitively follow these 7 secrets, now you can too!

Vision Board Master Class (audio) — Get your gift now!

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Gift #3. Apply for the Opportunity to Receive a Complimentary “True CLARITY Breakthrough 1:1 Session”

Do you feel Stuck?  Are you Seeking Clarity About How to Overcome Your Obstacles and Grow YOUR Dreams into Reality?

If you are on a spiritual path and ready to create powerful forward movement in your dreams and personal growth, business, or relationship (or all three!), I invite you to apply for the opportunity to receive a private True Clarity Breakthrough Session with me.

I love to support seekers and spiritual entrepreneurs like YOU to access your deep clarity, and remove your deep resistance, so you can follow your calling at the highest level and finally create the results you desire in your business (and life).  If YOU are ready to get unstuck and move through everything that’s been holding you back, this is an opportunity to leap into higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and success NOW.

It is my intention to ensure you leave this Session with a BREAKTHROUGH, including the opportunity to work with me more deeply.

In your Session you will discover EXACTLY what is unconsciously sabotaging you from having what you want, and create a clear PLAN that describes the steps you need to take to create all you desire.

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I guide people who are ready to do deep work, experience transformation, and serve at the highest level.  If you are really committed, the sky’s the limit!

If this sounds like YOU, then this is the most meaningful gift you can give yourself:

Fill out the application here

This is a 1:1 complimentary session with me on the phone or Skype.

    * UNCOVER the true radiance of your  gifts and what’s possible for you!
    * SEE what’s been stopping you in the areas that matters most — and EXACTLY how to transform it
    * FIND OUT the single most important thing for you to do grow YOUR dreams into reality


** I have very limited availability for these FREE sessions, which are intended to determine how I can serve you. Apply ONLY if you are ready to take the steps necessary to make a change in your life NOW!**

This session is meant to assess where you currently are in your life, where you want to be, and how we can work together to get you there. After all, you are here because you need help, right? Well I am here to help you!

“I was blown away!”michelle-shauger

“I was blown away at how amazing Pamela is, and how insightful, encouraging, and helpful this was.”

– Michelle Shaugher

“My whole life feels like is put back on track”

“WOW!  What a mind-blowing experience. I feel like I now have new clarity in life and I have a lot of work to do bring it all to fruition. My whole life feels like it is put back on track. Thank you!

Marcia Rasmussen

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Gift #4. Complimentary subscription to my award-winning Heart Vision blog

heart-rose1-300x298If you select any of my gifts, you automatically also receive my award-winning “Heart Vision” blog and newsletter.  Heart Vision is for seekers, spiritual entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders who want to access the deep wisdom inside them and lift the illusions of fear, doubt & separation to see their true radiance and power — so they grow their dreams into reality, have the love and support they desire, and make the unique difference that they are HERE to make.

You’ll get easy-to-use tips and tools designed to help you get clear and focused, valuable free resources not available on my website, authentic and inspiring stories from my own journey and my client’s successes, and membership in the Heart Vision community of people who are co-creating the better world our hearts know is possible.

If you ever want to unsubscribe, it’s easy.



Dr. Pamela Moss joyfully expresses her purpose as your Soul Guide, Life Purpose Activator and Deep Healing and Awakening Alchemist.  She is an international guide and mentor, keynote speaker, creator of transformational workshops and programs, visionary artist, author, and originator of the 7 Secrets System to Grow Your Dreams to Reality©.

Pamela particularly loves to “light up the Lights” — to support people who feel called to awaken and heal themselves and the planet (light workers, coaches, therapists, healers, holistic practitioners, artists, spiritual teachers, authors, activists, visionaries…) You are needed now!

Pamela is honored to help you, her beloved colleagues and peers, more deeply access your own soul’s guidance, remove all your resistance and blocks, and create sacred businesses and relationships that allow you to live a magical life and co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

She is very grateful to have followed her ‘luminous path’ from atheist academic and homeschooling mom and to international Soul Guide. Her unique work is featured in the #1 mysticism bestseller “The Vision Board: Secret to an Extraordinary Life“; “The New Superwoman Way to Peace, Playfulness, and Prosperity in Business and Life“; college textbooks; private art collections across the USA; and the forthcoming books, “The Soul Guide to a Magical Life:” and “The Soul Guide to Soul Mates, Sacred Unions, and Separating with Love“. She’s shared the stage with world-renowned visionaries like Lisa Sasevich and John Assaraf of the mega-hit The Secret, and is regularly featured on global telesummits with top coaches and experts.

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