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These are some facts about an extraordinary woman.

Dr. Pamela Moss grew up in America, Italy and England in a loving and highly creative family. She was raised without religion or spirituality, so as an imaginative child she invented her own: first making ‘fairy magic’ for her younger siblings, then worshiping trees with her siblings and neighbors, and then inventing a whole imaginary world with her best friend Smita — a world with its own languages, history, cultures, maps, cast of characters, sacred rituals, and a pantheon of gods and goddesses drawn from half-remembered Hinduism, Greek myths, and European cathedrals.

She longed for magic and wonder to be real, and believed with all her heart in what C.S. Lewis called “Deep Magic”– the mystery of divine love that creates and maintains the universe, far beyond our understanding.

When she was 15, she decided to put away all that “weirdness” so she’d be “normal” and guys would like her.  Yet her rather wild adolescence, full of experimentation, rebellion and natural joie de vivre, led to her being voted ‘Most Radical’ in high school and included bold adventures like running away from home to a slum more than 1000 miles away, where she pretended to be an anthropologist and interviewed the people around her.

Highly imaginative, intuitive, and gifted in many areas – people, art, dance, writing, academics, music, analytical thinking, languages, teaching – and interested in almost everything — Pamela couldn’t figure out what she wanted to do ‘when she grew up.’

She received a Bachelors degree with high honors from Barnard College of Columbia University and went on win a prestigious A.D. White graduate fellowship and her PhD in Philosophy of Education from Cornell University.  She co-authored 3 editions of an ethics textbook before leaving academia to focus on raising a family and homeschooling (‘unschooling’) her daughters.

Then when she was 44,  she had a revelation that led her to take a whole new path in life.

Dr. Pamela Moss now  joyfully expresses her purpose as your Soul Guide, Life Purpose Activator, and Deep Healing and Awakening Alchemist.

She is an international mentor, healer, and change agent; inspiring speaker; and transformational artist and trainer. Her particular mission is to “Light up the Lights, Serve the Servants, and Heal the Healers“:  to support those who support our collective awakening and planetary healing (light workers, coaches, healers, therapists, artists, spiritual teachers, messengers, visionaries, change agents, activitists…). Pamela can help you fully access your own inner guidance and remove all your inner blocks — so you can BE the divine change agent you were born to be. That is the only way we can create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible!

Pamela’s unique work is featured in the #1 mysticism bestseller “The Vision Board: Secret to an Extraordinary Life,” two college textbooks, and the forthcoming international bestseller, “The Soul Guide to a Magical Life: How to Remove Your Blocks to Your Greatest Calling”  — as well as numerous global telesummits, private art collections across the USA, and sharing the stage with visionary entrepreneurs like Lisa Sasevich and John Assaraf of The Secret.

Pamela offers uniquely visual ways of connecting people with their true selves.  As a tool to support deep change and evolution, she conducts transformative online programs and in-person retreats, and creates stunning “Soul Power Portrait” paintings commissioned by individuals, couples and families.

Her Healing and Transformation Retreats, Divine Business Clarity and Transformation Retreats, Transform Your Money Story program, Grow Your Dreams Intensive program, Clarity Course, Visioning Workshops, Soul Power Portraits, and private client work have transformed the lives of many.  Client work takes many forms and you can see 70+ client transformation stories  here.


Now, consider for a moment that Pamela’s history is meaningless. The facts are accurate, but they do not allow you to know Pamela or what her unique vision and contribution is. They tell a story but do not make her extraordinary. What makes her extraordinary is her passionate commitment to support people who want to make a difference to overcome their barriers, express their true selves,  fulfill their dreams, and make the contribution they are HERE to make.

Having been called to this work and successfully realizing her own dreams, Pamela is profoundly grateful to share her powerful tools, methods, intuition and insight — and her deep love of people — to serve the awakening and healing of as many Lights as possible, so we can co-create the better world our hearts know is possible.


A Note From Pamela

I am someone who’s discovered that what lights me up is helping others see what lights them up — I live to see and celebrate the divine light in each of us.

My idealistic dream is that this work will help people see not only their own light — their own inner beauty and greatness and limitless potential — but also the light in others, at home, in our communities, and all over the world. If we all saw this consistently there truly would be peace on earth.

Before I began this work in 2004, I never imagined being a speaker, spiritual guide, or artist — much less one who supports people to remember and BE who they really are.

So what happened?

I had a transformative experience.

During a powerful self-discovery course in New York, I went to see an exhibit of Byzantine art.As I was marveling at an ancient icon, an idea struck me with the force of a revelation:

Wouldn’t it be incredible to paint portraits of ordinary people showing the divine in them, icons for the 21st century that show who we truly have the capacity to be? 

But — I hadn’t touched a paint brush in over 20 years…

Like many people, I loved to draw and paint as a child, but decided as a teen that I couldn’t be an artist.

That’s me, age 7, drawing at school in Florence, Italy…

Yet I was on fire with my idea so I rushed home, bought paints and supplies, and turned our bedroom into an art studio.  And as I interviewed my first subject (thanks Sue!) and began painting the first “Possibility Portrait,” I discovered a delight and purposefulness I’d last remembered as young teen, counseling friends and drawing all over my schoolwork. So THIS is what I was meant to do!

Thus began my journey on the ‘luminous path’ of awakening and healing myself and others. Over the past fourteen years, my path has led me to evolve into someone who does deeply transformational work with clients around the globe, and creates products and programs that support the process of remembering who you really are and living your most inspired, meaningful and successful life.

Pamela’s “soul guidance” drawing

I am so grateful to have found work that is both utterly fun and fulfilling for me, that also makes such a contribution and lasting difference for others. Who could ask for more?

If you’d like to find out how I might be able to support you to fulfill what matters to YOU, I invite you to apply for the opportunity to receive a complimentary “Breakthrough Session” with me:

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With love and blessings,


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