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How to make a “Magic Stress Interrupter”

Re-program your brain so you can go into a stressful situation with no loss of power — works like magic!

Have trouble viewing this  video? Click here for the quick upload version — should load even on your mobile phone.


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5 Fun Tips To Get Free Pix2-ebook


Click the link above to get tips to find free magazines for creating your very own Vision Board!

This is one of the first steps you will take in doing “visioning with images” to tap into the resonant power of your subconsicous mind and SEE who you truly are and what you want to create in the next phase of your life.


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Feeling unsure or confused about how to move forward?

You have far more wisdom within you than you know.

Really. I’ve been feeling so grateful  for my own inner guidance, and so blown away by how easily my clients are getting powerful wisdom from their own deep guidance — the very first time they try.   It’s quite inspiring!

Like Daphne:   “I got clarity I didn’t even expect, and answers  
I wasn’t even looking for — your process took me out of my head  
and into a much truer knowing.  It was very powerful:   
I discovered the purpose of my business,  ways I’d need to grow  
for it to be successful, and I even got a tagline!” 
— Daphne Cohn, The Pleasure Nutritionist & Founder of All About Her Biz

Want to experience the deep wisdom within YOU, and get clear answers to your questions?

You CAN — next Tuesday in my NEW teleseminar, “The Clarity Class”:


3 Critical Keys to Cut Through Confusion,
Overwhelm and Doubt —  to Get the
Clarity, Focus, and Deep Guidance You Crave  for Your Business or Your Life

Tuesday November 8 
10 AM Pacific       1 PM Eastern      6 PM GMT (London)

In a hurry?  Get the call-in info here

In this F.R.E.E. “Clarity Class” you will discover:

  • The 3 critical keys to get Clarity, Focus & Deep Guidance
  • How to get really clear about what you want (it’s NOT what you think!)
  • A surprisingly simple and incredibly powerful way to get deep guidance —       any time you want it
  • 2 no-cost tools that effortlessly focus your attention — and supercharge your results
  • How to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to create ‘miracles’ — new openings for action where it seemed impossible!

And there’s no charge for all this goodness!

Here’s the link to sign up, get the recording, or learn more:

Get clear!

Many blessings to you,

P.S. If you’re a bit nervous about hearing directly from YOUR deep guidance, don’t worry, we’ll do some work on the call to make sure you don’t get anything you’re not open to.   Join us, won’t you?

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Have you noticed that the old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore?

I sure have. In the past few weeks what’s worked before in my business just stopped working. I was stuck. Felt like a door I’d always been able to walk through before was now closed…

Why am I sabotaging myself?!” I  wondered, more and more anxiously.  “I need to make this work!!”

And I pulled out all the powerful tools I’ve learned to uproot limiting beliefs and soften subconscious resistance. But for the first time, my tools weren’t enough.

I stayed stuck. Just couldn’t get that old door to open.

So, feeling rather desperate, I tapped into my wonderful circle of support… and received a lot of  guidance and love, but still didn’t seem able to do what worked before and what I thought I had to do now.

So finally I gave up.

I said out loud, “OK, OK, it’s just not going to go the way I planned.   I get it.  I surrender!!  What now?”

Perhaps you’ve had a door in your life close, and you feel thoroughly stuck. You just can’t go on the way you have been. 

And then, if you allow it, another door opens.  And it’s much more beautiful…

That’s what happened to me.  The door began opening with a video that really inspired me:

Lily Yeh speaks at Bioneers Conference

Click here to see it:

In it international artist Lily Yeh — a remarkable woman who uses the arts to heal communities and create personal and societal transformation — shows slides of her work with ghetto neighborhoods in Philadelphia and genocide survivors in Rwanda.

As I watched Lily speak I felt so moved and inspired – and, truth be told, jealous. “I should be doing something like that!” my heart cried out.

(Seems to me that when we feel jealous, we’re really just seeing some of our own unfulfilled potential realized in someone else… and it hurts.  Jealousy is a wake-up call from the soul.)

Suddenly I remembered the dream I’d had when I started my business over 6 years ago, painting “Possibility Portraits” and leading vision board workshops.  Back then I wanted to do this work with women in prison, and homeless families, and opposing sides in war-torn areas — to help people who feel helpless and alone see their own light and divine potential, and also reflect it out to those who’d feared and rejected them, to heal them all. I imagined a book and a website where the whole world could see: we are ALL different expressions of the same Light, Love and Beauty, all reflections of one another, truly all ONE.  I felt sure this was a path to peace on earth…

But I was too scared and unsure of myself to take a single step toward this dream. So it was soon forgotten.

Artist and social change agent Lily Yeh in front of community art project

Until I saw Lily Yeh.  That’s what she was doing!

And now Lily Yeh is coming HERE, to my home town of Ithaca NY!  She’s giving talks on “Creativity, Transformation, and a Shared Prosperity” and — the part I’m especially thrilled about — leading a workshop for artists, teachers, and others who are excited about creating public art as a process of community building and empowerment that transforms whole communities.

I have a feeling that being there will change my life. If you want to join me (wouldn’t THAT be fun!), there’s about 20 places left:

“ART, TRANSFORMATION AND  SOCIAL CHANGE: Building community through self-expression, creative action, and finding communal voices”

A workshop with celebrated artist Lily Yeh

October 24, 2011 8:30am – 3:30pm

Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Fee: $40 (that’s all, & includes lunch! Some scholarships available too.)

In this workshop, participants will experience Yeh’s methodology, getting to know one another through a unique series of experiences that build connectedness utilizing individual and collective voices, and multiple modes of expression. This workshop will be hands-on, experimental, and participatory… helping people create a new, open space into which they can enter on equal footing, find their voices, and figure out innovative ways to work together. Thus, participants will experience community-building in the making.

If you’d like more info or to register, email me back at and I’ll send you the flyer with all the details.

Registration Deadline is October 7

Love to play with you there!

And have you had this “door closes, another door opens” getting-unstuck-thing happen in your life?

I’m sharing from my heart here, and I’d love to hear your stories and what you think. Please comment below.



P.S. Mysteriously enough, after I ‘surrendered’ and saw a new door I want to walk through in my work, the ‘closed door’ in my business opened up too… 

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There are 2 major mistakes we tend to make — and they drain away our energy and joy each day.

They both involve tolerating conditions that really bother us.

My friend and former client Martha came over recently and pointed out an irony I’ve long tried to ignore: “Pam, you’re all about light and clarity in your work, and yet you live in a dark and cluttered house. What’s up with that?”

I could feel my face flush, like I’d been caught doing something nasty.

And, I realized, it IS nasty to live in conditions that pull me down every single day, when my work is about lifting people up — especially when I tell myself it’s the fault of my family members that I ‘have to’ live like this. (Then I resent these people I love, and feel hopeless…) Yuck!

Amazing what we’ll tolerate until something wakes us up…  Only then do we realize its true cost in lost energy, lost love (sorry family!), and lost joy (a cluttered environment makes me feel grumpy and anxious). And only that realization gives us the courage to finally DO SOMETHING about it.

Thanks to Martha, I’m finally doing something about the clutter and darkness that’ve been bugging me for over 9 years — getting rid of boxes of stuff we don’t need, reorganizing, letting more light in, and creating a beautiful, inspiring home office to work with my local clients.

It feels so liberating, I can’t believe I waited so long!

So what are you tolerating in YOUR life?  What is draining your energy and joy, and leaving you feeling uninspired, tired, overwhelmed, irritable, or hopeless?

Two places to look:

* Mistake # 1: accepting intolerable (for you) conditions around you — clutter in your home or work space (if you don’t love it &/or use it, it’s clutter); a job or relationship that stiffles you; no time in your schedule to nourish yourself with reflection, pleasure, and rest; lack of support or negativity from people around you

*Mistake #2: accepting intolerable (for you) conditions in you — judgmental thoughts about yourself or others; emotions of anxiety, envy, guilt, shame, or self-pity; health problems; build-up of stress and lack of self-care/ways to manage it

Now, what can you do about it?

Usually the answer involves getting the support you need to make the changes you want. If I hadn’t hired Martha, I would still be stuck with huge amounts of clutter and living and work spaces that drain my energy. I’m so grateful for her fresh vision and do-able steps!

You probably know it’s important to surround yourself with people who support and inspire you, and bring out the best in you — people who see new possibilities where you see only energy drains and frustration.

Unfortunately those closest to you, your family and friends, usually can’t do this. (Typically they’re part of the problem, and can only add friction and drama to your sense of overwhelm.)

The support you desire is more likely to come in the form of mentors or coaches who “get you” and truly have your best interest at heart.  I personally have a decluttering/interior redesign coach (Martha Kinney), a spiritual coach (Ravi Walsh), and two business mastermind groups that I belong to.  I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

So choose wisely! Be very discerning about where you invest your precious time and energy.  Stop tolerating conditions and relationships that don’t work.  Begin to invest more time with people who feed and inspire you, and less time with those who don’t — in every area of your life.  Your life will quickly change for the better!


Have feedback or comments?  I’d love to hear — please comment below.

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I have a confession to make.   For the longest time, I’ve been hiding — scared to admit I receive insights, visions, and inspired guidance from outside my normal awareness — from what I think of as my heart’s wisdom, or the Divine within. Way too weird!  What would people think?!  (And what would my very rational husband say…)

You have to understand, I’m a former academic from an atheist family, and getting divine guidance is sooo NOT “something we do.”

Yet we do… and it’s time to stop hiding, because I have a message for you:

YOU are a divinely-guided being with radiant gifts and healing wisdom to share with the world.

The Heart Rose glowing   (drawing by Pamela)

You may already know this, and express it through your guided business or inspired project.

Or it may be hidden from you by self-doubt, and the distractions and crises of daily life — yet still you sense it’s true.

You and I are points of light in a huge network of Light.  We are all being activated now to give our gifts in a much more expansive, heartfelt, and inspired way — sometimes in the face of big challenges. 

Have you, like me, experienced big changes in the past year?

What’s no longer working is being cleared away.  We are all being called to face what we’ve feared, so we can see it for the illusion it is.  Only then can we find the courage to be authentic and true to our gifts — and to give and receive at a much higher level.

For me that’s looked like crises in both my marriage and my business (honestly, I wasn’t sure if either would survive). Yet thanks to the amazing guidance I received,  I came out the other side much clearer and more peaceful, with a re-focused, heart-guided business AND marriage.

The clearer your guidance, the faster you can move through change and step into your highest contribution.

That’s why I want to share with you a tool to speak directly with your heart’s wisdom, your personal guidance — and get powerful, clear answers. I use it myself, and also teach it to participants in my Grow Your Dreams Intensives and Quantum Leap Business programs:

How to Access Your Guidance:

The Dialogue Method

This powerful tool looks like writing lines of dialogue in a play, but you write your lines and then allow your imagination to let “something else” reply.

Before you begin, get centered.  Click here for a quick way to do this. (Opens in new window)

       STEP 1. Write your name: and ask to make contact with your source of guidance.  If you know what you call it (God, higher self, universe, Spirit, Oneness, a deceased relative, animal totem, guardian angel, etc.) use that. If you don’t, just put “Trusted Guidance” or “TG”.  Then write the name of your guidance: and see/ feel/ hear/ image your guidance’s response.  Write whatever comes.

Example   Pamela: dear God, are you there?

dear God: I am always here.

STEP 2. Now write your name: followed by a request to talk to your guidance. Then write the name of your guidance: followed by an answer. Don’t spend time thinking about it, just write.

Example   Pamela: is it OK if I ask you a question now?

Dear God: Yes, I am here for you.

       STEP 3. Write your name: followed by a question that been bothering you – what to do about situation, or what’s the best way to move forward – any question you like.   Then write the name of your guidance: followed by a response. The answer may come as a feeling, image, memory, physical sensation, or actual words. Don’t worry about whether you are ‘making it up’, just write whatever you get.

       STEP 4. Continue the dialogue. Some questions I like to ask: “What would you like to tell me?” “What is the most important thing for me to do now?” “Which choice is in the highest and best good of all concerned?”  “What am I designed for?”  You can also ask for clarification or specific instructions, or just express appreciation.

       STEP 5. End by thanking it when you’re done, or your guidance indicates it’s done. Thank it even if you got no response. Thank it even if you didn’t like what it said. Thank it even if you don’t believe it was real!


I’d love to hear what you think, and what results you get with The Dialogue Method– especially since I’m going out on a limb here… Please comment below.  Check back (or get notified via the RSS feed, under “Meta” in the sidebar) — I will respond.

Let your light shine,


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Have you noticed?  There’s a gap between how ‘enlightened’ we are — and what we actually do.

There are things we do that we know sap our energy, waste time, and/or make us unhappy.  (Anyone else guilty of checking email or Facebook multiple times a day?)

And there are things we DON’T do that we know would make us feel happier, more productive, and energized. (Regular exercise or meditation, anyone?)

We have lots of excuses…. But enough already! Life is short.

Here’s a simple way to close the gap right now:

6 Simple Steps to your own ‘#1 Thing’ to be More Productive and Joyful

1. Brainstorm:  what’s the 1 thing you could STOP doing that would really make your life work better? (You already know, or have some some pretty good ideas…)


  • Checking email or FB multiple times a day;
  • drinking a lot of soda;
  • staying on the computer right up until bedtime;
  • piling all the mail on the table ‘to go through later’

2. How might you express this as a practice? A practice is something you do regularly — daily or weekly etc. — because it makes your life work better. (You’re not committing to anything yet, jes’ thinkin’…)


  • Check email & FB just 3 times/day;
  • drink bubbly water instead of soda;
  • get off computer at least an hour before bed;
  • toss all  junk mail into recycling as it arrives

3. How can you make this practice very specific? Add times, places, dates — so it’s clear exactly what happens when.  (Otherwise, it’s unlikely to happen at all.)


  • check email/FB for first time at 11 AM, then 3 PM & 8 PM;
  • give away soda supply at work tomorrow and only buy bubbly water from now on;
  • get off the computer by 10:30 PM each night;
  • as bring mail in each day, sort into recycling/ bills/ misc., & toss junk into recycling bin

4. What structures or support will you need to make this happen?


  • sticky note on my computer with my ‘check email’ times;
  • tell folks at work what I’m doing, and put all the sodas in my car tonight to take to work;
  • set alarms on my computer or phone to get off by 10:30;
  • tell my partner what I’m doing;
  • put recycling bin under the table where I’ll see it;
  • put sign up;
  • make a daily checklist to chart my progress

5. What is your “noble intent” for this practice? (This is the big picture of why you’re doing it, what inspires you)


  • take control of my inbox and what I give my attention to;
  • take control of my health and be a good example to my grandkids;
  • create special ‘me time’ or ‘us time’ each night before bed;
  • bring order and clarity to our household;
  • turn my bedroom into sacred space

6. Will you commit to do this practice now? If yes, put in the structures you came up with so it happens!  If no: how can you make it smaller, faster, easier so you’re willing to take it on?  Even a little step in the right direction will free you up.

You can also follow the same steps to START a new practice that would make your life work better.


  • Journal for 30 minutes on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings;
  • start my day 5x/week with 45 minutes of stretching & exercise;
  • meditate for 20 minutes each morning;
  • do bills & paperwork every Monday afternoon at 4 while I listen to great music.
  • do 1 thing I’ve been putting off each Thursday morning before I do anything else

I teach this simple strategy to my private clients and participants in  my Grow Your Dreams Intensive, and use it myself –  this week I’m STOPPING staying on the computer late (off by 10 PM) and STARTING journaling twice a week (Tues. and Sunday). It really makes a difference!

Love to hear what YOU think; please comment below and I’ll reply.

Love and light,

'Status' Post | By on July 13, 2011

Frankly I’m going out on a  limb here, hoping that sharing something this personal will be useful to you.

OK, here goes: I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been experiencing such love and gratitude, such delight and wonder at how magical life is,  such deep peace after my crazy busyness and intense highs and lows  last year,  that I just haven’t known what to say.

How do you talk about bliss and where it comes from?

I do have some clear reasons to celebrate:

  • just completed another round of my signature program, the Grow Your Dreams Intensive, which participants called a “tremendous, amazing life transformation” (so glad I didn’t give up last year…);
  • finally have my business set up to allow me freedom to enjoy sweet times with family and friends, go on retreats, and take our  daughters on trips (that’s me and our youngest in London, fulfilling a  dream of hers);
  • extraordinary people (powerful coaches, a Buddhist Lama, Hindu mystics, more) have come into  my life to help me fulfill my mission and also to seek my guidance and  partnership.  Spirit may not call the qualified, but it sure does qualify the called…  I feel sooo grateful!
  • it’s a blast creating exciting new programs and products to help you step into the greatest version of you. (Over the coming months you will see an entirely new look and feel in my business.)

But the biggest reason I’ve been so happy is I’ve discovered how to experience consistent peace, love, and delight, regardless of what happens — in good times or bad, through laughter or tears.

How is that possible?

Well,  I do still sometimes feel the old familiar insecurity, fear, sadness, anger, or  crankiness that I’ve carried around for years — yet now they only last a moment.  (OK, occasionally a few hours, if I’m resisting… ;-p)

But the moment I remember, once again, “hey, I get to choose right now: my ego’s worries and defensiveness, or my heart’s love & appreciation & connection to Source?  Ego, or Essence?  Ordinary life, or an extraordinary life? — I’m free!

Which fills me with such joy and gratitude…

I want to share with you one of the tools I use to do this every day.

It’s  a simple, quick, and beautiful way to de-stress and get grounded — and free  yourself.  I hope you’ll love this gift as much as I and my clients do:

click to download my “Guided Heart Breathing” audio

(Just 4 minutes, from a call with my Grow Your Dreams participants)

or click here to listen on your computer

Please listen and tell me what you think: does it help you feel more peaceful and happy?

Love to get your feedback,


'Status' Post | By on June 21, 2011

Yes, 2010 is almost over — and now is the perfect time to get the most out of it!

By harvesting 2010’s many gifts and lessons for you.

Harvest“HARVEST” is the beautiful Seventh Secret of the 7 Secrets to Grow Your Dreams into Reality®. It’s how you multiply your positive results many times over!  It’s also how you ‘get complete’ and experience whatever happened with peace and even gratitude, so you can open up to what is possible now.

“Harvesting” involves using the 4 R’s to Raise your Results: Recognize, Request, Receive, and Return thanks.

So to harvest 2010’s gifts and lessons for you, take time to recognize and acknowledge your growth this past year — the delights and the difficulties, the losses and the wins — and the people who’ve helped you along the way. Together they’ve made you who you are now.

Give yourself some quiet time for this Harvest exercise, and it will richly reward you:
I. Recognize your growth

Your transitions, shifts, and growth  are happening faster and more regularly than you usually notice. Think back to where you were a year ago, in January 2010, and mentally flip through the calendar of the year and all the changes you’ve been through:

1. Where has death happened? Not necessarily physical death, but the slow crumbling of old beliefs or ways of being, or sudden slippage of familiar patterns or certainties. (However you’ve been with it, know that it’s totally OK…)

2. Where has new life appeared? Not necessarily physical birth, but the slow awakening of new awareness, new hope, or new ways of being, or the sudden emergence of new energy, new love, or new freedom? (However you’ve been with it, all is well…)

3. Do you notice a theme for the year of how you’ve shown up in your life — in relation to yourself, and in relation to Spirit/God/Source? What have you been at work on?

4. What gifts have you received? (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative…)

5. What were some of your accomplishments, victories, and moments of peace or joy this year?  (Look in every area of your life: work, relationship, family, health and wellbeing, self-expression, creativity, spirituality, finances, wisdom/insight, friendship and community, self-care, fun, courage and persistence, resilience and patience…)

6. Do you have any regrets or disappointments?  See if you can you accept them as part of your learning for the year, all part of your growth… What did you learn from them?  Is there anything there to forgive yourself for, or to forgive someone else for?

7. What would you like to be acknowledged for?

Now breathe it all into your heart.  Let everything from this past year absorb into your heart, softening and melting away, as you release the old. It was what it was. All is well, whether you understand it or not… Allow yourself to start to feel more and more peaceful, empty, and open.

II. Recognize those who’ve helped you on your way

Who has contributed to your growth this past year? What do you want to acknowledge them for?

If you’re fortunate and count your blessings, it can be a long list…

Here’s mine – and YOU might be on it:

I am very grateful to have had many brilliant and loving people contribute to my growth this year:

• My mentors Lisa Sasevich and Lisa Cherney, who showed me how to grow my business and finances beyond anything I’d imagined, in a spirit of authenticity and service;

• my amazing fellow Sassies, in particular Helen Wood, Natasha Abudarham, Nikkea Devida, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Joy Perreras, Brian McFadin, Jaye Winslow, Kathleen Loden, Annamaria Pahlua, Sonia Miller, Stacey Canfield, also Jimbo Marshall, Kay White, Kit Furey, Jodi Hume, Mikell Parsons, Lillian Coury, Linda Allred, Michael Sasevich, Mirna Bard, Ping Li, Deb Lindholm, Helen Kim, Veronica Kaufman… Their friendships, inspiration, wisdom, deep support, coaching, partnerships, and community helped me take quantum leaps this year. Friends for life!

• additional wise friends who believed in me and were there with their gifts when I needed them: Laura Vannah, John Kingsley, Erla Heyns, Laura Ponticello, Marion Ferrar, Kellie Ryan, Neal Wecker, Linda Erb, Mary Balfour, Nutmeg, Damaris, Jai Hari Meyerhoff, Daphne Cohn, John Rogers, Hilary Barret, Dewey Neild, Melissa Wadsworth, Vicky Boynton, Ravi Walsh, Carmen Munson

• my “clearing committee”: Margot Schoeps, Jana Hexter, Samantha Abrams, Elliot Sullivan, John Kingsley, Donna Tregaskis

• my Academy of Muses dance family, especially fellow Muses Kellie Ryan, Neal Wecker, Laura Beck and Amy Thompson, also all of our beautiful participants.

• my family family: Brian, for all his support and love; Cora and Madeleine, for the joy and sweetness they bring; my parents for their love, belief in me & my work, and amazing generosity; Aunt Carol and Aunt Janice for same; beloved sibs Coowe, Ruth, Jon, in-laws Sadie, Dave, Katy and Laura, cousins Diane M and Diane J — for being great friends as well as family.

• My wonderful clients this past year (who are often also my teachers) – Possibility Portrait clients, Grow Your Dreams Intensive clients, Vision-Powered Planning clients, private clients, and all the participants at our Vision-Powered Planning Retreats and other visioning workshops and talks this year, and the many amazing people who opened their lives to me in strategy sessions.  Thank you for your trust, your courage, and allowing me to guide you into your own Light.

• Last but not least, my virtual assistants, Deborah Davis and Kristin Kuzik, who take things off my plate

After all the ups and downs of this intense year of growth, I am left now full of gratitude and peace. I wish you the same.

Love, Peace, and all Blessings to you for the New Year,


'Status' Post | By on December 30, 2010

It was the strangest thing…

At  the Sassy Mastermind Retreat in San Diego recently, I was featured in a  success panel, had my “Possibility Portraits” displayed to acclaim, was  privately thanked for my contributions, reconnected with loving friends, AND had our mentor, Lisa Sasevich, generously promote me (I’m painting her family’s Possibility Portrait).

You’d think I’d be on top of the world!
But you’d be dead wrong.

Sassy Mastermind group (I’m in red hat & dress)

There I was, blessed with public recognition, peer appreciation, and love — and yet I couldn’t take in any of it, because I felt so completely unworthy. Inside I kept thinking, “Ha!  You wouldn’t say that if you knew what I’m really like…”

The  truth is I’d been feeling stuck for weeks, resisting changes I was  experiencing in my business and feeling anxious and unsure about what  direction to go next. All the praise at the Retreat only heightened my  embarrassment that I, a supposed visioning expert, just couldn’t see my  way forward!  My confidence was completely shaken.

Fortunately I’ve learned enough to know that when we feel stuck, it’s vital to reach out for support from people who will remind us of our true power.  So I stopped trying to hide my distress, and started telling the  tear-stained truth about what I was going through.  (I’m blessed to have  many people in my life who can be counted on to remind me of my power when I’m down, just as I do for them and my clients.)

What amazing support I received!  Like the simple reminder that I am in the midst of a process of deep inquiry, and can trust that I will be guided through it — IF I open myself up to guidance. (Oh yeah, I’d been forgetting to journal, meditate, pray, examine dreams, and track synchronicities… to actually ASK for guidance from Source!)

And recalling the power of making requests and asking for support.  If I hadn’t asked, I couldn’t  have received the profoundly healing belief-change session led by my  friend, colleague, and fellow Sassy, Nikkea Devida (she’s next to me in the photo  above, in the blue jacket). Because I asked, Nikkea guided 4 of us  women through a beautiful process that left me feeling clearer and more  peaceful than I had in ages. I love Nikkea’s powerful,  scientifically-based belief change work, and in fact am learning how to do it  myself; you’re invited to listen in when I interview her on Sept. 21. Click here for details and to get call-in info.

And remembering that the only way out of changes that scare us is through them.  When we stop running away — and instead dive in with a spirit of curiosity:  “what can I learn here?” — we open ourselves up to insight, new possibilities for action, and even a sense of play and wonder.

It helps to have coach for this process, to uncover the truth about repressed issues that we think are “fine,” but are in fact  creating tension, anxiety, suffering, and/or resistance (often expressed as tiredness, confusion and procrastination). All that icky  stuff is part of our Shadow, what we avoid and fear about ourselves and our challenges… yet when we actually stop and examine our Shadow, it always has gifts for us.

One last lesson I re-remembered: the surest way out of feeling stuck is to take imperfect action — do something bold, even if you aren’t sure about it, even though you’re not ready. Writing this article is an example of that: I wanted to wait until I had some breakthroughs to report. But that could take a while… ;p and I’m tired of pretending I have it all together, and ready to share what I’m learning just from being in the process of exploring change — with no idea where it will lead.  (Getting  comfortable with the unknown is perhaps the greatest gift I’ve received; not easy for someone like me who always wants to know the answers!) So stay tuned.

All this telling the truth, asking for guidance, examining our Shadow, and taking imperfect action isn’t comfortable or easy, but it is necessary preparation for a new level of growth and clarity. We have to till the soil to get it ready for planting new seeds…  I’ll be sharing this process in detail (and answering your questions, and learning from your stories) in my free call, How to Get Unstuck: 3 Surprising Ways to Shift, Recharge, and Flow with Change on Sept. 29. Click here to join us.

Speaking  of change — my colleague and friend, Hilary Barrett, has organized a  wonderful “Festival of Change” at the beginning of  September. There are 6 very interesting speakers (including me,  yay! See more here) and the whole theme has just set me thinking…

Change is inevitable. Life is Change.

So let’s work with it, embrace it, discard the beliefs that hold us back, and move forward with confidence and clarity!

I know my journey is meant to be shared with others. In fact, this is what makes all ups and downs worth it — so when I break through to new levels, you can too!  Please tell me if this article sparks thoughts about your own journey; I’m glad we’re on this path together.

'Status' Post | By on August 30, 2010

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