Transform Your Money Story, Transform Your Life

from the desk of Dr. Pamela Moss, your Soul Guide

Dear beautiful Light,

A few years ago, I hit a low point in my business: only $200 in the bank, more than $1700 in bills, $16,000 in debt, nothing coming in.

I was so sick & tired of worrying about money! And stressing about how I was going to generate enough of it. I just wanted to run away to an ashram somewhere, so I could forget about money and live a simple, holy life — helping people without worrying about making a living.

Can you relate?

Then I got a message from Spirit: “DO YOUR INNER MONEY WORK! Stop resisting.”

So I surrendered. I spent a month doing deep inner work around money. By the end I knew I’d transformed my money story.

And it showed — things shifted dramatically: the next month I made $5000. The month after, $14,800! By June I’d earned more in 6 months than in all of the previous YEAR. I paid off my debt!! And the abundance keeps flowing…

Not extravagant, but a comfortable living of $75,000/year— working part-time, doing what I love — with plenty of time to travel, play, enjoy family and friends, and write my new book.

If you know you’re here to make a difference as a coach, healer, or lightworker, but you’re struggling financially, as I was, there is nothing more important than transforming YOUR money story — the beliefs and programming from the past (and the BS in the marketplace) that stop you from living your right livelihood in true prosperity.

Join me as I walk you through my proven Soul Guidance Alignment System (using guidance from YOUR system) to do the exact inner work you need to transform YOUR money story, so you can finally get out of your own way!

Love and blessings,

This is for you if you’re a coach, healer, lightworker, or spiritual entrepreneur.

And ANY of these are true:


  • you’re just scraping by — constantly worried about money — even though you have lots of experience and skills and can really help people
  • you can’t seem to do the things you know you need to do— like pay your taxes on time, or invoice clients, or keep track of your money, or enroll people, or pay down your debt
  • you feel guilty about charging for your work, or charging more than a small amount
  • you bend over backwards to give clients all you can — but then they don’t pay, or pay insultingly little
  • when you see others doing really well, you secretly feel pissed: “that should be me!”
  • you make good money, but work LONG hours and feel exhausted
  • you argue with your partner about money — deep down you feel so hurt at the lack of support!
  • the mere thought of “money” makes your stomach hurt

I created this course because I am sick and tired of the sickening spin cycle of “shoulds” for spiritual entrepreneurs — we ‘should’ give away our spiritual gifts to all who need them (= vow of poverty), OR we ‘should’ chase the bling and 6 & 7 figure incomes (only 3% of us make it).

And now that I’ve finally gotten out of my own way and found right livelihood and true prosperity, I want help you do the same.

You see, I am here to “Light up the Lights, Heal the Healers, and Serve the Servants” — that’s my sacred calling — and that means helping you transform everything that holds you back, so you can be the change agent YOU were born to be, and live YOUR right livelihood in true prosperity.

In this course you will:

  • Unwind stress, struggle, resentment & traumas over money from your system
  • Rewrite your subconscious money programming
  • Empower yourself with true clarity and take inspired action
  • Eradicate money worries — discover true peace of mind
  • Align for your right livelihood and true prosperity!

“I just couldn’t make myself work… thank God the block has lifted!”

I kept telling myself, “I’ve gotta get out of this! I’ve got to make money!” I had no shortage of work, but I just couldn’t make myself do it. I wasn’t able to respond to people who reached out to me for help; I wasn’t able to do work; I wasn’t able to do the things I needed to do — like get my taxes done on time (I had to pay a penalty last year).

With over a year of this, my finances went down the drain. I was really worried — but I didn’t know how to break through whatever was stopping me!

This program turned that around. Pamela helped me uncover the root of the problem: unconsciously I was punishing myself for missing a call from my mom before she died last year. Pamela helped me see that I’d been a very loving daughter who had done the absolute best I could to take care of Mom, and missing that one call wasn’t “unforgivable” as I’d thought. I was finally able to forgive myself deep down. Then I realized, “I don’t need that voice mail from Mom anymore” — I’d saved it for over a year. And I deleted it.

When I let that go, SO much unblocked in me! Now when people reach out to me for help I respond, I can work, I’m making money again, I even got my taxes done EARLY this year. So that block has lifted. It’s huge. Oh thank God, it’s lifted!”

Update 2 months later: “I’m starting a new job with an increase of $25,000!! It came out of the blue… I wasn’t looking! It had to be from the work we did.”

Sue Parker

A Course of Transformation in 7 Modules

In this deep-dive program you will:

Module #1
Receive Clarity and Higher Guidance for your Money Journey

Call in your spiritual support team and receive trusted guidance – so you have the clarity you need for your transformational money journey.

Module #2
Unwind All Your Money Stress and Negativity

Unwind years of money stress and negativity from your system – so you finally have a clean slate to move forward!

Module #3
Replace Your Limiting Beliefs – Quickly and Permanently

Use Pamela’s proven “Soul Alignment System”© to quickly and PERMANENTLY REPLACE the subconscious beliefs that have been holding you back – open up a whole new world of possibilities – you will feel the difference!

Module #4
Transform Your Challenging Circumstances

Remove the stress and confusion from your view of your financial situation, and see it with fresh eyes – so you are freed up to take inspired new actions that create what you desire.

Module #5
Rewrite your Core Prosperity-blocking “Karmic Contract”

Uncover your core prosperity-blocking “Karmic Contract” that has been running the show and transmute it, revealing the wisdom and peace of your Power Statement – so you can embody and attract true prosperity.

Module #6
Clean Out Old Money Stories

Clean out the subconscious money stories that have been weighing you down – and all of the old resentment, guilt, shame, hurt and betrayal they carry – so you are finally free of the past and can live YOUR life and your truth.

Module #7
Align for Your Right Livelihood with True Prosperity

Complete your transformational money journey by aligning your subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds with the wisdom, peace and true prosperity of your right livelihood – so you can embody, attract, create and live your right livelihood now.

Your Peace of Mind Guarantee

I am so confident that this course will remove your money blocks and you will love it, that I 100% guarantee your satisfaction — or your money back!

Yes, you can do the entire course and at the end, if you’re not satisfied, just show that you did the work and we will refund ALL your money. No hassle, no reasons needed… YOU CAN’T LOSE!


A toolkit for making dreams come true!

Pamela’s “Transform Your Money Story” course is such a treasure! I was in love with it from beginning to end — it’s so rich in content, so deep and nourishing for my soul! It has made me leap forward in many ways: trusting my higher self and its messages, developing my own unique healing work, nurturing myself, balancing inner work with outer action, sleeping better with no more nightmares, and much more! I am truly grateful for Pamela’s wisdom, kindness, experience and wonderful sense of humour. I I am still on my journey towards my goal, but I feel so joyful and optimistic about it now!

I understand now why my higher self told me to go for this course, when my mind gave me all the reasons not to. This course is so inspiring and life-changing that it makes sense that our minds (with their “let’s-keep-you-safe” attitude) are afraid to venture into something this profound. I know now I couldn’t have made a better decision and I will cherish this course long after it has ended.

Thank you with all my heart, Pamela!

Hanka, Prague, Czech Republic

“You are the bomb! My Money Breakthrough made a HUGE difference”

You are the bomb! After my awesome breakthrough with you, I was invited out of the blue to be a Connector — connecting people with projects to be funded, to a $900 billion dollar funding source. About 12 projects from my sources went in, one of which is $9 billion.

The commission on almost any of these will leave me never concerned with money again. Many thanks for your stellar session. It made a HUGE difference.

Lorelei Fenton

Evolutions by Lorelei

“I took my coaching business to a whole new level! I raised my rates 80% and am finding plenty of clients who are happy to pay”

Pamela helped me see the gift that comes through my work, and get past my limiting thoughts. This was priceless!  I raised my rates 80% and am finding plenty of clients who are happy to pay.

And my colleagues tell me “You’re Ravi 2.0 now” – I dress more professionally and radiate confidence and clarity.

Pamela’s understanding of both the practical and spiritual components of my work made working with her a true blessing. Because of that, I’ve greatly increased the clarity and range of my offerings — which allows me to retain my best clients and attract all the new clients I want.

I also balanced my home and business life, so that I am not working all the time. (And married my soul mate!)

If you’re considering working with Pamela, I say: Buckle your seat belt, because Kansas is going bye-bye!  She will open you to more potential than you dreamed was inside.

Ravindra Walsh

Spiritual Life Coach

Hugely life-changing — released patterns I didn’t even know were holding me back!

I’m so grateful that I took a leap of faith and signed up for Pamela’s Transform Your Money Story program. Pamela expertly and graciously leads us through a seven week life-changing journey. Her program allowed me to release old, unhelpful habits and ways of being in the world, patterns I wasn’t even aware of that were holding me back from living my best life. Pamela is a gifted and compassionate teacher and guide who creates a safe space for deep inner work. Before the course was even finished I started to experience huge positive shifts in both my inner life and my marriage. Who knew that changing one’s relationship with money could be so transformative and also, with Pamela’s guidance, fun?

This program has ignited a process of change for me that has only just begun to manifest in my life, and I’m excited to see where it will lead. Thank you SO much, Pamela, for giving me the permission to trust my intuition and inner guidance. Because of this work I feel ready to step into the life I am meant to live, and let my inner light shine. I began the course as a wellness practitioner and author. Pamela’s process helped me know that my calling is to help others – and the planet – heal by trusting our inner goddess. I am forever grateful.

Christine Penner Polle

I’m sure you have some questions. Here are some of the more common ones.

“I’ve done a money course before, and I’m still struggling financially. How is this different?”
I’m not giving you a one-size-fits all fix, where I make the money and you stay struggling — no, this unique program follow what YOUR system says YOU need —it’s the closest thing to customized private work as you can possibly get without the price-tag. 

For example, I teach you how to tap into your deep knowing to determine the precise beliefs you need to install in your subconscious mind, and the best process for you to use at this time to do that (it may be different for someone else).

Also, I’m not focusing on “making 6 or 7 figures” (and the fantasy and rather desperate greed that pervades our industry) but right livelihood – what is right for YOU.

“How do I know this will work for me?”
I teach you how to tap into what YOUR system says you need. We use that information to guide your work throughout the course. (See above)

This course follows a proven system – my Soul Guidance Alignment System — which has produced transformational results for thousands of people around the world. You can see over 70 detailed case study testimonials on the my website, 

Even if you’re already using tools such as EFT/Tapping, you often have to do them a number of times to fully release the old narrative. The tools in this course create rapid, deep, permanent transformation because they are not releasing, but REPLACING subconscious programming — on the level where you created it.

It’s 100% GUARANTEED or your money back!. Yes, you can do the entire course and at the end, if your’e not satisfied, just show you did the work and we will refund all your money. You can’t lose!

“I can't pay for this course until I’ve made more money!”
You are confusing cause and effect. This thought is a demonstration of your “Vow of Poverty” mindset. Since this course 100% GUARANTEES to remove your money blocks or your money back, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Instead of saying “I can’t!”, try saying “How can I make this work?” and empower yourself to think outside of your box.
“I ought to be able to do this myself!”
Hey, if you could have, you would have. How about having the courage to admit you need some help, and the humility to actually allow yourself to receive it?  THAT would be different…

This is the exact work I personally found valuable in making my own turnaround. Without it, I would still be struggling and wondering, instead of confidently moving forward with grace and ease, so grateful for all the divine support I receive. 

And this course is a gift that keeps on giving: you can use these powerful transformational tools again and again (and enhance the effectiveness of your own work with clients!)


“How to Create Breakthroughs with Subconscious Parts” ebook (up till now only shared with private clients)

“Genuine, heart-centered approach, powerful techniques – I made big shifts in my life and business”

When I first started this course, I was stuck in many areas of my life. Using the powerful techniques that Pamela teaches, I have been able to shift so many things – my business has improved, I feel like I came alive again after an intensely difficult year, and I’m making changes that I have wanted for a long time, but couldn’t seem to make happen. I feel stronger, more trusting and empowered.

Pamela has a genuine, authentic and heart-centered approach, and I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for deep and powerful transformation in their life and/or business.

Melody Rae Jones

Wisdom Coach & Mentor

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