The Journey

The journey begins when you start to realize there are things you know — but you don’t know that you know them.  You might experience this as:

  • a flash of intuition
  • an inspired idea
  • a ‘feeling’ about someone or something
  • a sudden insight
  • an unexpected memory
  • a strange coincidence
  • a powerful dream
  • a quiet voice inside you
  • a sense of resonance: “yes!”
  • feeling moved “for no reason I can think of”….

Pay attention! these experiences seem to whisper.

They are some of the ways your soul tries to guide you in daily life. (You might think of it instead as your ‘higher self’ or ‘super-conscious mind’ —  or God, or the Universe — it’s your innate inner guidance, by any name.)

If you listen and follow where it leads, you find yourself on your ‘luminous path : the magical experience of following a path through life that lights up before you — connecting you with the perfect opportunities and people and challenges, at the perfect time, to help you quickly develop into the highest version of YOU.

Most of us, however, stopped listening a long time ago. It just didn’t make sense. Didn’t seem like a good idea. It was weird.  Unsafe.

And way too many of us pay a price for not listening: depression, dysfunctional relationships, addictions, health or financial crises…  Or we’re just constantly busy and never feel that we accomplish much: “There MUST be more to life than this!

There is.  And reconnecting with your own inner wisdom will lead you there.

The first step is being willing to let go of your conscious mind’s need to try to know and control everything.  Your mind has much to contribute, but it is not a good guide on your path unless you train it to let your soul’s wisdom lead the way.

The Tools

The tools we use to set you firmly on your luminous path are incredibly powerful ways to connect with your soul’s guidance and remove your obstacles — to experience lasting change and true happiness.   There are 5 pillars of work to undertake. Combined, they  transform your sense of yourself, your vision of what’s possible, and your experience of being alive.

1. Self Awareness.  When you are stuck or sabotaging yourself, the feeling of stuckness comes from subconscious parts of your personality — parts you are NOT fully aware of — being in conflict. One part of you wants one thing, and another part wants the exact opposite. It’s like trying to drive with the brakes on!

           To get unstuck, you must bring these different aspects of yourself into your awareness and into agreement.  In the process you become more peaceful and whole, and gain confidence and power, because now every part of you is finally aligned around the pursuit of your goals and dreams.

2. Trusted Guidance. ‘Trusted guidance’ is whatever you trust to give you guidance beyond what your conscious mind knows.  You can receive external guidance from people you trust, and you can also receive very effective trusted guidance from within.  Typically, people have inner trusted guidance in 3 categories:

  • Internal.  This is trusted guidance that you believe comes from inside you. You might call it your “soul”, “intuition,” “gut,” or “heart.”  You may call it your “higher self,”  “inner teacher,”  “conscience,” or “that quiet voice.”
  • Universal.  This is trusted guidance that you believe is outside of you, and everybody has access to it.  Some examples are God, the Universe, Spirit, Mother Nature, Source, Buddha, Christ, Shiva, the Tao, saints, angels, prophets…
  • Personal.  This is trusted guidance that you believe is outside of you, but has messages just for you.  For example: a deceased relative, a totem animal, a special (or sacred) place, a spirit guide, an aspect of nature such as the woods or the ocean, a guardian angel, a symbolic (or sacred) object.


3. Accelerated Change.  Working on a subconscious level, you can clear or replace beliefs and patterns that have stopped you for decades  quickly and permanently, in an average of just 2-5 minutes.  Talk therapy (using the conscious mind) can only get you so far because it’s is all about understanding why you are the way you are — and understanding alone rarely leads to any change in behavior. (For example, we all understand how to lose weight — eat less and exercise more — but does that make a difference..?)  

      Change on a subconscious level + taking action = accelerated results that can truly seem “miraculous.”  Read 50+ client success stories here.

4. Vision-Powered Planning. You can use your trusted guidance to get clarity about what you really want and even why you are here, and then use the power of your subconscious mind to create a resonant visual reminder of the essence of that, to inspire you every day: an Essence vision board.   

Next step: creating a Vision-Powered Goal — a clear goal that comes from your love and inspiration. (In contrast, most goal-setting comes from fear and trying to fix yourself. No wonder most of us avoid goals or struggle with them!)    Vision-Powered Goals have such clarity and subconscious resonance that people sometimes find themselves fulfilling the goal almost immediately. If not, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to turn a Vision-Powered Goal into a Vision-Powered Plan, with your exact next steps and milestones that lead to fulfilling your goal.

To see how completely clear, confident and motivated this whole process makes people feel — and find out how do it yourselfclick here.

5.  Action.   Without action, there are no changes in circumstances, and no real resultsTaking new action is an integral part of every piece of this work:

  • After you create peace with subconscious parts of the personality that have been sabotaging you — you have new actions to take to keep your agreements with those parts and feel safe moving toward your dreams.
  • When you connect with your trusted guidance, you may ask questions & receive instructions about what to do:  guided action.
  • When you replace limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind with more empowering ones, new openings for action appear. Taking them shows your conscious mind, “wow, now it’s easy!”
  • Your Vision-Powered Goal and Plan are all about inspired action


All this focused, inspired action leads to massive transformation in your life.  You can see 50+ examples here.

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