Web of Light Retreat

WEB OF LIGHT RETREAT by the Pacific Ocean

October 24-26 2013

(Thursday-Saturday. Arrive Wed. Oct. 23 for Ingathering Dinner and Bonfire Ceremony, leave Saturday Oct. 26 after Angel Walk and Lunch)

The Vision

A gathering of extraordinary people in service to the collective awakening and healing happening now — leaders and lights in the Web of Light.

A true Retreat —  time to sink down, rest, and connect with Source & our peers in a beautiful natural setting. Sacred space to deepen into our full authenticity, receive all we’re needing and wanting, give all we’re inspired to give. Powerful, loving support for whatever each participant is working on their life – transitioning, a business or project, a personal issue, spiritual expansion — so all experience the magic of our collective wisdom: inspiration, transformational processes, breakthroughs, invaluable contacts & resources, collaboration, new possibilities for our work & lives.

It is time. We find ourselves CALLED to come together to share experiences, collaborate, bless each other with our gifts and support, collectively envision solutions. It is time – to connect individual points of Light in service to the whole. To do our part to accelerate the planetary Shift, through our personal awakening and transformation… Time to recognize that WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for, to build the bridge to the better world our hearts know is possible.


Asilomar Retreat and Conference Grounds, an historic 107 acre “Refuge by the Sea” in Pacific Grove, CA (Monterey peninsula).

Traveling by air: fly to San Jose (or San Francisco); airfare is surprisingly low right now on kayak.com. You can take the Airbus shuttle directly to Asilomar. You can also fly directly into Monterey airport, just 8 miles from Asilomar.

Get Directions here

The Plan:

This Web of Light Retreat is a collaborative co-creation of the participants. All are leaders with a wealth of wisdom & gifts from years of personal development & spiritual practice. The Retreat is a safe space for us to build heart-to-heart connections with our peers in the Web.

We will begin Wed. evening with an Ingathering Dinner and Bonfire ritual. Thursday morning at 9 AM we’ll open up sacred space to share our intentions — what we each desire to receive out of this time together, and our offerings — what we are interested in & enjoy giving. As we hear one another’s desires & gifts, we will naturally feel inspired to connect with one person to offer our skill at x, to ask another for help with y, to speak with others about shared interests, experiences or desires.

Each day we will gather together as a group for sharing, movement, creative and healing processes, and fun. Each day we will also have 3 hours of free time for whatever we each want — 1:1 or small group conversations, or time alone for journaling by the ocean, a nature walk, a nap… Among the possibilities is the opportunity to have high-level a “Magic Hour Mastermind” for your business or project. If you haven’t done masterminding before, you will amazed at the brilliant ideas, resources, contacts, and new possibilities generated by this invaluable group focus on your biz or project  – this powerful experience alone is well worth getting yourself there!

Some of us also may be inspired to lead experiences or conversations for the whole group; there will be a structure to facilitate that. While we are on Retreat, our valuable gifts will be given freely, trusting that we will each receive exactly what we need in return.

Time will be largely unstructured to allow for maximum flow, spontaneity and magic. We can play or meet or meditate or dance in our beautiful meeting room, along the Pacific coast, 107 acres of forest & dunes, heated outdoor pool, beach volleyball, Social Hall with fireplace and pool tables,  more.

Experience shows that when a group of us Lights gather in sacred space, with room for spontaneity & quiet time, all sorts of miracles happen: you have a conversation that alters your life; you get ‘downloads’ of divine clarity and inspired ideas;  you meet the perfect collaborator or partner; you heal an old personal issue; you discover tools or ideas that deepen your work; you make a difference for someone who becomes a new client or powerful ally… Possibilities abound.  Each of us will choose how to spend our time; we are responsible for having the experience and outcome we desire.

We will end on Saturday with an Angel Walk & Closing Circle on the beach and then Lunch.


There is NO CHARGE for this Retreat. Participants pay for room & board and are asked to make a love offering at the end as inspired to do so.

We have negotiated all-inclusive room & board package rates for the 3 days of the Retreat which include 3 meals/day, room, tips & taxes, free Wi-Fi, and use of everything above for $231.53/day for room by yourself, $151.33/day per person if you share a room with 1 person, and $116.73/day per person if 4 people share 2 queen beds in a room. If you wish to share a room and don’t have a roommate, our Retreat Assistant Sophie can help you.

IMPORTANT: Reserve your place now

To reserve your place, please contact our Retreat Assistant Sophie:  (607) 339-6901 or chrisophia[at]gmail.com. (Cut & paste her email address into your email address line, replace “[at]” with the familiar “@”. Prevents spam…)

NOTE: We have limited number of rooms in our package-rate room block, so we strongly recommend you reserve yours a.s.a.p. before they are gone.

When you call Sophie, tell her whether you prefer to room by yourself ($231.53/day); share a room with 1 person ($151.33/day); or share with 3 people ($116.73/day). If you want to share a room, tell her if you have a roommate (& name) or have requests about your room or who you room with. Make sure she has your best email & phone! She will take your payment information and send your “Welcome” email with important information about travel, what to bring, Asilomar retreat center, how to get ready etc. and invite you to our Web of Light Retreat Facebook page to connect with other participants.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


A: YES. If you are inspired to invite others, whether or not you come, please do!  You can send them this webpage along with your personal message, or invite them to our Facebook page: do emphasize the importance of registering as soon as possible to get the package room & board rates.  Don’t forget to reserve your place first!

Who this Retreat is for: Coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, artists, trainers, activists, visionaries, therapists, and messengers with years of spiritual practice and personal development – leaders in service to our collective awakening and healing. People may be in different places on their journeys, but everyone who’s coming has much to offer.


A: Fall is clear and sunny. You can expect daily highs around 67 and lows around 49 during our Retreat.  Evenings are cool, and sweatshirts or sweaters are recommended for outdoor activities as it can cool off quickly once the sun goes down.


A: Casual! Layers! Casual attire is always appropriate. At Asilomar, “formal” simply means that you wear your best pair of khakis or a pretty shawl. You’ll want to bring a jacket and/or warm sweater and comfortable shoes for walking. We may also be dancing or doing yoga, so be sure to bring comfortable clothes you can move in. Bring a bathing suit if you want to use Asilomar’s outdoor heated swimming pool.



  • Your Intention for what you want to receive out of being there (highest & best outcome you can imagine)
  • (Optional) Ideas & supplies for an activity you’d like to lead (such as yoga, a ritual, music, etc.) or a conversation you’d like to lead (on the topic of a book or article you’re writing?)
  • Journal or notebook and pens
  • Flashlight can be helpful for walking around at night
  • Ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper
  • A water bottle



A: YES, but we ask that you be there from beginning to create a sacred container for our Retreat. This means plan to arrive Wed. evening October 23 for our Ingathering Dinner and Bonfire ceremony so you’re ready for our Opening Circle Thursday morning at 9 AM.

You MUST reserve your place in advance: call Sophie (607) 339-6901.


A: Our Retreat package rate includes 3 meals a day served semi-family style at the spacious, welcoming Crocker Dining Hall. (Our Ingathering Dinner will be catered at the stunning Surf & Sand room.) Breakfast is 7:30-9, Lunch 12-1, Dinner 6-7.  The daily menu highlights fresh, seasonal, local produce procured from a regional network of organic farmers, and every meal includes vegetarian options. Gluten-free and vegan options are available on request.

Phoebe’s Cafe is also available for “coffee and tea creations, fresh baked goods, lite bites, lunch specialties and beer and wine. Whether it’s a snack on the adjoining outdoor deck or a glass of wine and cheese platter by the roaring fire in the main hall, great moments begin in Phoebe’s Café.” Open 6:30 AM to 9 PM – Sunday thru Thursday, 6:30 AM to 10 PM – Friday & Saturday.


A: See “The Plan” above. Some other options are bike rides on trails or the beach (you can rent a bike at Asilomar); hiking & walking trails on 107 acres of forest  & dunes; bird watching; shooting pool; beachcombing; surfing;  swimming in the heated outdoor pool; visiting the world- renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, and scenic 17-Mile Drive along Pebble Beach…

Other Questions?

Please contact our Retreat Assistant Sophie (607) 339-6901 or chrisophia[at]gmail.com, or reach out directly to Retreat Host Dr. Pamela Moss at 607-592-6716 or  http://www.drpamelamoss.com/contact-2/

We look forward to seeing you there!

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